So we have an awesome new website at our disposal, but I think that there are few things you should know.

The original website was not being hosted through the Engineering Society, but rather through a company called Misk. Misk primarily sells domain names, but also does some hosting as well.

The new site is completely independent of Misk and the Engineering Society. I created a server instance using the Amazon EC2 cloud computing service. It is registered under my name (Steve) and won't cost anything unless the bandwidth skyrockets for some reason.

If you wish to edit the site, its really, really easy. There is no html involved since it uses software I installed on the server called Wordpress [1]. Basically you log on through the admin page which is accessible here, , if you need the log-on, ask myself (Steve) or Cory, or someone who asked myself or Cory for the info.

When you log on, you should see the Dashboard, which doesn't look anything like the Homepage, they are distinct. If you see the homepage, there should be a bar at the top which should contain an entry called Dashboard, and this is where you want to go.

Once on the Dashboard, there are two important entries on the left, 'Posts' and 'Pages'. Wordpress is designed for the website owner to be able to post entries like a blog. We have it set-up right now so that when you make a blog post it shows up under the news tab. Pages contain the other pages which aren't meant to change all the time, stuff like upcoming events, staff and eventually, a list of our sponsors.

Any edits are done in a text editor on the admin pages provided through Wordpress. Check out the Wordpress site for anything else.

Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.