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The foresail used is No. 1 2007 jib.

In 2007, Northstar was given a new set of sails. The main and three jibs were known as the "storm sails" because they are small for the mast. In theory, the sails should extend the wind range Northstar could sail in. The largest jib (No. 1) and the mainsail both have "ROBOTIC - STAY CLEAR" written on them, visible from each side.


The sails are constructed from a load-bearing matrix of aramid fibres sandwiched with plastic.


The sails are constructed using traditional horizontal panels. Initially, the mainsail did not have battens, but RC antenna protectors were added later on to function as such.

Local reinforcement in the luff of each sail takes the form of 1" nylon webbing sewn into the sail. In both the main and jibs, electrical wire is used as a bolt rope.

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