The 4m bench yacht is under development, it will allow the hardware team to work without climbing up ladders and dealing with the full sized boat. The goal is to recreate the full sized boat in a more manageable package.

It will include:

  • A "mast" and its wind sensor and rotation sensor
  • The winch motor and its "mainsheet"
  • The rudder servo
  • Battery
  • Arduino box
  • GPS and communication anttenea
  • Hull compartment water sensor
  • Wheels

There will be some added feature to the bench yacht that will allow for easier testing.


The structure is now complete and can be seen in MAST. Soon details and small parts will be added.


The mast is going to have the sensor stated above, but will not be a full sized mast; there will be a small boom and mainsheet to prevent over rotation.


The the main sheet will have labelling for main sheet length- we will know how much of the main sheet has been pulled in.


The rudder servo, will have a sort of protractor attached to that it is clear how many degrees the rudder has rotated. The general set up will also be designed to accomodate four servos to allow for dual rudders and redundancy.

GPS and communication anttenea Edit

The communications will be using a RP SMA cable (reverse polarity).


We are planning on usin the small 12V battery that we have; it has dimension 25 height by 13x20cm.

Solar PannelsEdit

Solar pannels will not be attached immedietly, but a space has been left for a 20x14 cm panel that we have, and holes will be drilled by hand later.


The bench yacht will be equiped with three large wheels that willl allow it to be pulled around outside for testing.

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