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Iridium is a company that specializes in Satellite Communications.

They offer satellite transceivers for monitoring and for controlling purposes. These transceivers that can be found here:

Control based Transceivers
Monitoring Based Transceivers


  • Suitable for transatlantic voyage


  • Requires subscription to Iridium Satellite services

Global Star

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Global Star is another company that specializes in satellite communications, much like Iridium. From what I have read, it seems the best option for the boat is one of their three simplex data modems. They all mention that they are ideal for tracking moving targets such as boats, trucks, etc. and their ranges all cover the Atlantic Ocean. However, they seem to only send one-way communications and they also require a subscription just like Iridium.

Short Distance < 1 mileEdit


up to 200 meters, PWM signals; see RF Transmission

XBee ProEdit

Up to 2 miles with open view, digital data signals

See Zigbee