The Winsome GPS unit will be a a EM-406A GPS Module.


Sirf III chipset GPS module with 6 pin cable. Includes power/lock indicator LED and backup supercap. One of the nicest GPS modules I've come across

  • 5V power, ~40mA current draw
  • 45s cold start, 38s warm start, 8s hot start
  • -159dB sensitivity (I tested this a lot in the canyons of downtown New York)
  • 1.2" x 1.2" x 0.4"


  • Length: 30.12mm/1.19in
  • Width: 30.00mm/1.18in
  • Height: 10.39mm/0.41in
  • Weight: 15.85g/0.56oz
  • Cable Length: 31.25mmm/1.23in

The GPS module is a necessary component of any autonomous sailing boats. It retrieves location and time coordinates and sends them to those on the shore. The coding for the GPS can be found here . However, due to its size, it is difficult to add a GPS onto an arduino MEGA 2650 chip without blocking something else. A GPS shield can prevent that, but the shield itself is problematic as it prevents other shields from stacking onto the necessary heads provided by the arduino board. The GPS shield will need to be modified and have headers added to it in order to stack other shields.

Em406a MED