The new transmitter we have chosen for Gaelforce II is the Hitec Laser 6. A 75 MHz controller was chosen over 2.4 GHz due to increased range. Any future boats can use this transmitter with the purchase of another reciever and crystal.

The channels on the laser 6 are as follows:

1 - Right stick, left-right

2 - Right stick up-down

3 - Left stick up-down

4 - Left stick left-right

5 - Gear switch top left

6 - Aux knob top right

Do not use the mixing modes, those are for planes. Channel reversing switches are in the bottom by the battery.

Cable for RC

The cable used to connect to the box has a DB9 end with the following pin layout:

Pin 1 - 5V

Pin 2 - Ground

Pin 3 - Rudder

Pin 4 - Sails (Main and Jib)

Pin 5 - Select

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