Some electrical components may be available as samples to try out, before purchased in larger quantities. See the websites for Analog Devices, FreeScale, Maxim,National semiconductor, (thin film force sensors).

To get Ada: Switchable wall power; LiPo batteries, charger, and cables; Xbee shield; A-B USB cable for printer; scope cable?; tinyISP

Item Date Required Approximate Lead Time/Delivery data Responsible Notes
male deans connectors for making more male deans - 2 pin header adapters; we dont have any male
heavy duty waterproof connector for the power switch through the box
new RC receiver/transmitter talk to aero to see what they have; maybe RC sailing group; get a quality one (or use the one from Winsome)
new arduino one of ours is bricked. or something.
various coloured wire, 22 gauge, stranded we only have 3 colours red and a little left over of other colours; 24 gauge is too small; need stranded
backup elec compass

want tilt compensated, magnetic field compensated; ours is broken? - we may be seeing the results we're getting because I had it tilted a large amount today, gel is stuck on the top; test again on Thursday; tested, it's not broken, there is in fact huge magnetic anomalies around ILC121 this looks decent, read the user manual though

2011 Jib servo April travel: 1.02m ; jib sheet tension: 0-35N ; speeds: full travel in <1s; drum
See the notes on the Motors page about designing a control system with the appropriate torque
Servo connectors soon Saturday Christine

to plug in "motors" (anything that takes a motor signal) to other circuits from RC, Pololu

I only got 4, they were expensive; we have enough, but get a bunch more next time we put in a RobotShop order

Futaba battery pack charger March

for the RC controller John donated; find a charger for the controller's batterys
Battery charger April

Ours is old, and not designed for high capacity batteries. It also doesn't have slow-charge, needed to charge the Futaba pack from John's boat
Waterproof Box, Gaelforce 2011 components Feb The box for Gaelforce needs to be completed to water-test
Make power supply with all adapters n.d. A universal wall-powered power supply would help with testing; to hack ATX supply into a power source
Solar panels n.d. for prototyping
Lady ada:
Li-Ion batteries n.d.

for prototyping
LadyAda Xbee boards (the 10$ ones), 3 soon 2 weeks? for experimenting with wireless arduino programming via Xbee
Ballast microcontroller ? maybe use a Stamp?
Backup rudder servo April HS-322
2011 Main servo April main travel: 1.15m; main sheet tension: 0-60N; speeds: full travel in <1s; drum; using smartwinch
2011 rudder servo April same as the one we had last year, seemed to work? need a better way to mount onto the shaft though; HS322
scope cable May the one in the bay is Christines'

electrostatic protection equipment

n.d. mats, wristbands, shoe covers, packaging etc. research this; there's some info on the wiki already I believe
new wall-plugin adapters (5V, 12V) n.d. useful for testing; also requires barrel plugs for then to plug into PCBs though; found a bunch in the boxes in the bay
wire sleeving

aesthetic covering to tidy wires; see digikey 1030-1170-ND for an example

replacement blade for wirestripper look into how frequently this needs to be replaced
handheld compass

for checking north against the boat compass
jewel files for sanding very small holes in the boxes to mount connectors.. for next year! this year gene did an awesome job :)
flashlight for hooking things up inside the boat, will likely be useful
Digikey Items Date Required Approximate Delivery (Lead Time for Digikey is 3 days, or 3 to 4 MONTHS if out of stock) Responsible Notes
Inline waterproof 3 pin connector

might be required for motor wiring, if we're going to have them be dis-attachable

455-1188-ND pairs with 455-1198-ND, both on backorder

board-mounted DB9s for wind, compass connections september for prototyping; wires break when they take force; got a few from Active surplus, in the bay, check them out before getting more
more efficient voltage regulators check out this 5V, 5A switching regulator (needs high input voltage) LM2678T-5.0-ND
IC mounts for ICs
high shrink ratio heatshrink soon for high diameter to low diameter splices (batteries)
2 pin female waterproof inline connectors maybe, not nec; we only have 1 left though
power switch box connector 708-1123-ND mates with 708-1115-ND


Item Date Required Approximate Lead Time Responsible Notes Store
kevlar feb 20 1wk cory shell sweet comp
uni carbon feb 20 2wks cory local reinforcment Can Comp
.58oz glass feb 20 2wks cory


Can Comp
mast/booms mar 1 2wks cory c-tech
hull paint may 1 1day cory vc perf. epoxy West Marine
blocks may 1

2weeks (if online)

1 day (if leading edge)

cory leading edge
or online vendor
line may 1 1 week cory lash-it West Marine
hatches mar 1 1 day cory can tire
rudder linkage parts 2 days before water-testing new boat also, perhaps a hacksaw and sandpaper to cut the threaded rod


Item Date Required Approximate Lead Time Responsible Notes
Laptop Soon 2 Days Christine
Weather-station CD n.d. CD has a nice GUI for PB100, can contact
FTDI-USB cable

for Zigbee LadyAda boards


Item Date Required Approximate Lead Time Responsible Notes
Sticky notes Christine Will get them from home, I have zillions
Working printer in MAST bay Soon Bring over the one from QC?
Camera Soon Ken's in the bay is missing a cable to computer, and the battery charger
Big pieces of paper Soon For writing down spur-of-the-moment informational steps for hardware/software/boat/safety
New safety goggles Soon for the bay; useful for elec (trimming wires, dremmel) and boat (everything boaty)
Polo shirts February Ken
Corkboard tacks Christine donated a cork board, now we need tacks to keep everything organized with it
Binder and holepunch Christine For organizing data sheets. I have one I'll drop off
USB cable for printer
SD card for camera
stapler for the bay
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