Use a linked list structure to store a set of waypoints. Any new waypoint can be added at any point in the list.

Declare waypoints as structs.

Each waypoint will be a node in the linked list.

Ex: Waypoint 3 Attributes:

  1. int East
  2. int West
  3. struct waypoint Next

/* include <stdio.h>

struct waypoint {

int East;
int West;
struct waypoint * next;

typedef struct waypoint wp; //stands for waypoint

void main() {

wp * curr, * head
int i;

head = null;

for (i=1;i<=10;i++) {
curr = (wp *)malloc(sizeof(wp));
curr.East = 5;
curr.West = 10;
head = curr;

curr = head;

while(curr) {
curr =;

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Work In Progress

This linked list is linearly traversable. Can not go backwards or tell what position you are at.

What functionality is needed?

  • Add nodes to any position
  • Function must take two paramaters (struct waypoint wp, int position)
  • avoid traversing through nodes before adding (ex Adding a waypoint after node 5 shouldnt iterate through nodes 1-4)
  • Regular function will add any new waypoints to end of list

Different cases:

  • Might want to change coordinate immediately (adds waypoint to current direction, makes that waypoint the head node)
  • Add a waypoint to go to after the boat reaches currently lined up waypoint - addNext() function
  • Add a waypoint to the end of the list in sequence (regular functionality)
  • Add a waypoint to head to third -- will have to have numbered node positions, iterations through list


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